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April 26, 2008

Big things are made of small details

Seth’s Blog – Better?

Seth’s blog is all about short descriptive snippets, quick comments that challenge your systems of thought, and provocative questions. It actually is a blog on marketing, but sometimes the hidden nuggets of wisdom within applies to a general audience as well. This post is no different.

At first glance, it is just a random series of questions fired in sequence. Are you better at what you do than a month ago? How did you get better? If you consider every action you took every moment every day for every week of every month, and all the actions you did NOT take during those same moments, can you see how every dot of a moment becomes connected from the ‘past’ you to the ‘now’ you? The moments you experience become a wondrous set of circumstances that make you well, you. Therefore, the most valuable thing any human being in this world can have is experience, because our values are rooted in our experience, and experience is built upon the accumulation of various small bits of knowledge as we live our lives. It is for this reason why I feel that everybody should at least give self-improvement a serious look.

April 24, 2008

Clocklink: fancy clocks for your web and other finds


Clocklink Home

Today’s find of the day is Clocklink, which “provides fashionable clocks that you can easily embed in your web page. ” Basically, you surf their selections of clock faces, click on the one you like, personalize your colour choices, choose a time zone, then copy the tag code at the bottom into your site. Voila, now you can never complain that time slips by while surfing the net.

Now if only i can figure out how to add scripts to my blog….

Trapped in an Elevator for 41 hours

Youtube Vid

Original news article from the New Yorker

Today’s vid for the day is the harrowing real-life experience of a man trapped in an elevator for 41 hours. With the nearest exit more than 13 floors below/above him and a haunting track from Jennifer Haines, you sense the claustrophobia, the mounting panic as the minutes slips into hours without any contact with helpers and finally, the mindless drudgery as a single thought is endlessly repeated: Will I die in this lift? This vid is worth a watch if only as a reminder that sometimes, the things we think in life are important lose all meaning when you stand at the brink and stare into the abyss of death.

April 22, 2008

the guilt post

I wish i listen more and interrupt less.
I wish i did more and talked less.
I wish i studied more and played less.
I wish I read more and slept less.
I wish I believed more and questioned less.

I wish I was more emphatic and less judgemental.
I wish I was more patient and less rushed.
I wish I did things other than I have done so.
I wish that the people I have made cry, I have not.

To sum it up, I wish that if I could live life again, I would have lived it differently.
If wishes were wings, I would be Changi Airport for stopover business-pigs.

It’s time to lay that burden borne
See my skeletons and make my peace
Like the lost sheep forgotten and worn
Lay down by the side and remove the leash.

There’s no turning back.

I will make my final peace in the end;
Just be patient; And thank you,
who is my friend.

April 20, 2008

My April Resolution

Most peeps have new year resolutions, I have birthday resolutions. Well it’s pretty past my birthday, but whatever. In more or less equal importance:

  • Learn a new language (In progress)
  • Work on GTD (reading book)
  • Learn how to blog (Yes, I am that much of a noob)
  • Do 1 video (ideas stage)
  • Touch base with 3 persons I have not met for 3+ years
  • Host 1 reunion
  • Complete 1 collaborative project with KC
  • Find a new job by July 31st

Anyone got lobang? =/

April 19, 2008

Hello world!

4th try at a personal blog. Hahaha….. hope this goes better than my previous ones.

Start with a link to a classic post from another blog. Nothing like plagiarism to generate content.

Craigslist Meets Wallstreet… Classic, aka Trophy Wives are Depreciating Assets.

I will endeavor to create some semblance of order this time, rather than go into rambling walls of text that led to the demise of 2 of my previous blogs, that thankfully shall remain forever-ever buried in the inter-web.