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April 22, 2008

the guilt post

I wish i listen more and interrupt less.
I wish i did more and talked less.
I wish i studied more and played less.
I wish I read more and slept less.
I wish I believed more and questioned less.

I wish I was more emphatic and less judgemental.
I wish I was more patient and less rushed.
I wish I did things other than I have done so.
I wish that the people I have made cry, I have not.

To sum it up, I wish that if I could live life again, I would have lived it differently.
If wishes were wings, I would be Changi Airport for stopover business-pigs.

It’s time to lay that burden borne
See my skeletons and make my peace
Like the lost sheep forgotten and worn
Lay down by the side and remove the leash.

There’s no turning back.

I will make my final peace in the end;
Just be patient; And thank you,
who is my friend.