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April 26, 2008

Big things are made of small details

Seth’s Blog – Better?

Seth’s blog is all about short descriptive snippets, quick comments that challenge your systems of thought, and provocative questions. It actually is a blog on marketing, but sometimes the hidden nuggets of wisdom within applies to a general audience as well. This post is no different.

At first glance, it is just a random series of questions fired in sequence. Are you better at what you do than a month ago? How did you get better? If you consider every action you took every moment every day for every week of every month, and all the actions you did NOT take during those same moments, can you see how every dot of a moment becomes connected from the ‘past’ you to the ‘now’ you? The moments you experience become a wondrous set of circumstances that make you well, you. Therefore, the most valuable thing any human being in this world can have is experience, because our values are rooted in our experience, and experience is built upon the accumulation of various small bits of knowledge as we live our lives. It is for this reason why I feel that everybody should at least give self-improvement a serious look.