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May 22, 2008

An Analogy of Life

Some random draft I started in April and never completed to my complete satisfaction. I hope you know what a swimming pool is.

Life is like swimming in a pool of water with no end in sight. Other people swim in the same pool as you. Some swim slower than you; Some zip by you. A couple will swim with you for a time, then move on in new directions. Some will try to cut into your lane, some will push you, some will cheer you, some will jeer you. But in the end, it’s just the water and yourself.

Like any normal pool, there are lines painted on the bottom by helpful people that demarcate lanes for each swimmer. You can choose to follow them, but nothing stops you from swimming out of your lane or even perpendicularly to it. Some of the most interesting things happen when you swim horizontally.

On an unrelated note, how many of these songs can you recognize?

May 8, 2008

Macross F – Nyan Nyan Advert Remix

If you watch anime, you should be familiar with Macross Frontier, the 25th Year commemorative series to celebrate the original Macross (and to sell some VF-25 models too)… Some wise guy came up with the idea to take 1 particular sound sample from the anime and made it into a full song. Greatness.

Nyan Nyan Remix <– The original link if you can’t watch embedded vids.

The remix used a 6 sample from episode and looped it, then added accompanying music.

Full Nyan Nyan Advert <– First appeared in episode 1 before the concert starts

This original advert cannot be missed. Now I cannot get it out of my head >_<