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August 23, 2008

Web Find: Achievement Tag Generator from Tech Ninja

Today’s web find is an automatic tag generator with a twist: Xbox 360 Achievements.

Tech Ninja Achievement Generator

The interesting thing about tag generators and their popularity is the “why”: Why is it interesting to put random strings of text into a fake picture/icon?

For some, it’s a form of parody. For others, it’s way to pass time and chuckle at the hilarity of putting something nonsensical into a serious looking format, thumbing your nose at the overly serious. For a couple of really pathetic individuals, it’s a way to con others into buying what they are selling.

Some Achievements i made.

August 1, 2008

Web Find: World Time Server

I seem to have something of a passion for clocks and other time pieces, for proof you can see my other web find here. Today’s webfind is the father of all time references: Time zones.

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