Dreams, and Daydreams.

Sleep is an altered state of consciousness. The consciousness is made up of the perceptions, feelings, memories and thoughts held and formed by the active mind. If the mind while awake is called conscious, then the mind while asleep is called unconscious. It is not a passive event; the mind fluctuates between fully active during REM sleep and states of inactivity during non-REM phases. And it is during REM sleep that dreams occur.

Why do people dream? Despite all the achievements in science, there are only theories – no definite answers – as to why.

Dreaming is believed to be a mechanism by which the brain sorts out all incoming stimuli it receive during the periods between sleep. Some postulate that dreams are a by-product from brain activity during sleep as it sifts through memories, like how a boiling pot filled to the brim will overflow and leak over the sides. Others postulate that dreaming is the process by which information is sifted from “noise” in choosing which to retain in memory or discarded. Generally speaking, dreams ‘happen’ to us. They are not (although in rare cases they can be) controlled by our conscious mind. In 1989, Jacob Empson said, “When dreaming we are the spectators of an unfolding drama, and only rarely does one have the impression of being in control.”

Now, daydreaming is totally different from dreaming. Daydreaming is the active creation/recreation of an event by the conscious mind. The mind is fully in control, rather than being a passenger in a dream while asleep. You can change the settings, the scenarios and the actions undertaken in a daydream; In a dream, you are fully reliving the events as they come to you, unbidden most of the time.

To move, or to be moved. That is, in essence, the main difference.

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