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May 27, 2009

Hope – the strongest drug known to Man

This post originated from the Hongfire forums, a forum that I frequent. You can find it on my hot link tab on the right.

In particular this post is a direct result of a post made in the General Forums, under the thread “Powerful Photography“.

It started as a discussion of powerful photographs, you know, the pictures that move you. It started off on an innocent enough note: war, desecrated bodies, devastation, the usual stuff. It appears that the more a person suffers, the better the photo turns out. Then someone linked a video (who would have guessed) that blew my mind away. No, it’s not Schindler’s List. It’s a 4 and a half min video clip that features a slightly plumpish guy dancing in the middle of the street, at the beach, in front of buildings…. at 42 different countries. The music piece is “Praan”, composed by Garry Schyman. You can find the song on Amazon here. Without further ado, the video.

Someone mentioned that it was Nasa’s Astronomical Photo of the Day, though sadly a subsequent net search turned out nothing. The video btw, is courtesy of Where the Hell is Matt website, which is the travel log of Matt (the plumpish

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May 25, 2009

The Gift

A beautiful song. Though I dislike the original version by the Flaming Lips, this acoustic version carries a “purer” feel, drawing more attention to the lyrics. Note: Song is at the end, after the lyrics. Set to clips from the 2008 anime series ef – A tale of melodies -, done by Jasper;isis from Allegretto Productions.

Do you realize – that you have the most beautiful face
Do you realize – we’re floating in space –
Do you realize – that happiness makes you cry
Do you realize – that everyone you know someday will die

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May 23, 2009

Four Years and Seven Months

Taken from my original 1000th post @ Hongfire:

Four years and seven months ago I joined a group of individuals who have come together to form a community, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that openness and cooperation leads to a richer life for all participants. Now we stand at a crossroads, testing whether our community, or any

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May 14, 2009

Script: Ame ga Furu (The Rain is Falling)

Based on a video I linked in an earlier post with its lyrics (in Japanese and translated into English). You can watch the PV here.

Process Overview
Step 1: Timing and section partition (DONE)
Step 2: Lyrics translation and annotation (in progress)
Step 3: Stage setting and characters
Step 4: Fleshing out story
Step 5: Review finished storyboard for discrepancies

Intro 00:00-00:33
Rain falling from the gray sky between 2 buildings.
Man lies face-down bleeding on the floor, in pain.
A revolver drops from a limp hand beside him.


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May 14, 2009

Maaya Sakamoto – Ame ga Furu (The Rain is Falling)

ED song for Linebarrels of Iron (鉄のラインバレル Kurogane no Rainbareru)

Having a minor brainwave for this song so linking it here for my own easier reference.

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