Script: Ame ga Furu (The Rain is Falling)

Based on a video I linked in an earlier post with its lyrics (in Japanese and translated into English). You can watch the PV here.

Process Overview
Step 1: Timing and section partition (DONE)
Step 2: Lyrics translation and annotation (in progress)
Step 3: Stage setting and characters
Step 4: Fleshing out story
Step 5: Review finished storyboard for discrepancies

Intro 00:00-00:33
Rain falling from the gray sky between 2 buildings.
Man lies face-down bleeding on the floor, in pain.
A revolver drops from a limp hand beside him.


Section 1 00:34-00:55

Section 2 00:56-01:19

Chorus 1 01:20-01:45

Instrumental interval 01:46-02:06

Section 3 02:07-02:28

Section 4 02:29-02:52

Chorus 2: 02:53-03:17

Instrumental solo 03:18-03:29

Refrain 5 03:30-03:54

Climax 6 03:55-03:56

Chorus 3 03:57-04:22

Repeated Chorus 04:23-04:49

Instrumental Epilogue 04:50-05:19


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