There’s this thing about being awake at a time when people are asleep. Suddenly, instead of being one among many, a leaf in a forest of trees, you take the centre stage  The soft blue glow from the computer monitor, illuminating a tiny arc in front of it, is the only light in an otherwise black carpet. It is like a spotlight that highlights the importance of one self, only not so harsh, softer and gentler. Contrary to popular belief, the darkness  is a comforting dark blue, not black. It conceals, but it also softens;  shapes, colors, details, edges all become indistinct in this dark blue carpet. Even the dirt become indistinct and invisible in this comforting dark. A cloak, for people in need of non-physical warmth.

Video/Music link above (click picture to watch)

It is quiet, but not silent. You can hear the grasshoppers cry in the darkness, sometimes the odd bark. Rather than the cacophony of a full military band, it is the minimal setup, a mood evoking set piece with a keyboard and a low bass. It can feel scary, this absence of noise, but soothing for the weary. Repetitive patterns mix with odd harmonies and melt into a melody that feels right. If color were to be used to describe the melody, it would be a 3 beat of white with strains of a dark sooty red against a background of navy blue.

Addendum: It’s all smoke and mirrors of course; the place has not changed, just the light. But what a difference it makes! The cycle of night and day is but the rotation of a round ball around a single light, creating a series of light scales bigger and grander than any architect can conceive.

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