Prism – Dennou Coil

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything anime related. Part of the problem lies with this season of anime itself (Warning: rant incoming, not.), while another part also lies with the dearth of forum browsing on my part. It’s an open secret that most, if not all of my anime posts are inspired by writings within the Hongfire community. You can visit them in my hotlinks, and feel free to say hi to me, username neokai.

Now back to the main plot. Dennou Coil, a 26 episode sci-fi anime series released in summer 2007, is a story exploring augmented reality (AR) technologies. For the uninitiated, augmented reality is a field of computer engineering that seeks to blend the virtual and real. An example of augmented reality can be summarized in the vid below.

Basically, AR seeks to create displays that can interact in real life, much like how virtual reality back in the early 90s. However, what is different now is that AR does not require shutting off the real world, but rather exists and complements the real. Initial applications include HUDs, interactive posters/adverts, road signs/information counters.. if it involves interaction, the possibility for application is there.

Back  to the anime. The anime itself follows a group of children, members of the Coil Cyber Detective Agency (which is more an interest group than an active legal organisation), as they live in the fictional city of Daikoku, the technological center of the emerging half-virtual world. After the introduction to the characters and the world they live in, with its quirks and dangers, the anime dives into the key plot arc, which is the mystery of Dennou Coil and a mysterious being known only by the number 4423. Inhabiting the same semi virtual space are Searchmaton, a virtual blend of Matrix-eque Agents and Sentinels with an eerily cheery smiley face pasted on top.

Reception-wise, Dennou coil was highly anticipated prior to release in mid-2007. Together with Gurren Lagann, Dennou Coil won the Excellence Prize at the 2007 Japanese Media Arts Festival, as well as Best TV Series in the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008.

To end off, here is a non-spoiler AMV for Dennou Coil. The AMV is relatively unknown, due to the fact that it’s… Russian, I think? Or Cyrillic. Anyway, without further ado, Dennou Coil AMV – Из-за меня.

P.S. Anyone who can translate the title of the AMV, or better, get me a copy of the music, pls drop me a note!


Dennou Coil homepage:
Japanese Media Arts Festival:
Tokyo International Anime Fair:

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  1. shhhhh, you tell philip, and i will haunt you when you’re sleeping.

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