Weekly Music Pick: Far and Away Theme

Late, but better late than never….

This week’s music pick is from a semi-obscure movie. Called Far and Away, this 1992 movie stars a younger Tom Cruise opposite Nicole Kidman as two Irish migrants trying to make it big in America.

The theme is nameless, and is often simply called “Theme of Far and Away”. There are at least 2 versions, the lighter and more playful version by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, as well as the more formal version, listed below.

The theme starts with a single violin playing the main melody, a playful and slightly frantic motif. The violins then go into several refrains, eventually returning back to the main melody with variations. This goes on till the drums and brass come in, building up towards a climax at about the 2 and a half min mark. In the quiet section after, you can distinctly hear an Irish air played with its sense of nostalgia and tenderness.

The theme is significant to the author of this blog because it is the theme used in a culturally significant AMV from early 2000. Entitled “Far and Away”, this Karekano AMV is considered 1 of the definitive works by Maboroshi Studio. In a period where song selections were increasingly tending towards rock and dance selections, this AMV did much in exposing other AMV makers in the opportunities in using movie OSTs and classical pieces, which in turn indirectly led to AMV parodies, like the “Full Metal Guide to the Galaxy”.

Some trivia regarding Maboroshi Studio. Tthe man behind Maboroshi Studio is a Mr Joseph, or JMC as he is known online. After an active period from 1996 to 2001, JMC retired from AMV making in 2001. After a 5 year hiatus JMC has returned to making AMVs in 2006. Mostly, he is updating his previous works, replacing old CD and LD footage with DVD, BD-DVD quality sources. He is presently working on an as-yet untitled AMV featuring various anime like Please Save my Earth, Gundam, Kiki’s Delivery Service etc.

Maboroshi Studio – http://maboroshistudio.com/
AnimeMusicVideos.org – http://www.animemusicvideos.org/home/home.php

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