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April 28, 2010

Here’s a bit of basic Wisdom.

I have spent the past few weeks marking scripts and marking time. Come this day 2 months from now, I will be working on something new and I have no idea what it will be. So let’s talk about the more definite parts of my life. I will start with the good news/bad news combination.

The good news? I have finished marking every test script I have on hand, short 4 absentees from 1 class who will take it during recess tomorrow. The bad news? Tomorrow I am going to be giving the same old lecture on studying, cheating and integrity to 124 gentlemen, less a handful. A pitiful handful.

Here are the list of complaints:
1. Fail to read carefully.
2. Fail to understand that cheating is NOT ok.
3. Fail to cheat properly and copy wrong answers.

4. Fail to submit homework.
Homework is never for the teacher’s benefit, it’s for the student’s. I will have more free time to do my stuff if I did not spend those hours marking homework, and I sure as hell am not gaining any benefit from using my red ink.
5. Fail to understand that if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

And honestly, a lot of people are going to fail at this rate if they don’t wake up.

April 18, 2010

Weekly Music Pick: Song For…

Missed 2 weeks of Weekly Music Picks, for that I have to apologize and explain. Real life (aka) work caught up with me, some major changes gonna occur in the next few weeks, some of which I am looking forward to, others which I had hoped to avoid. With that said, back to the song.

This week’s song comes from Zoids Chaotic Century, a TV anime series that aired from fall 1999 to winter 2000. The pick is the first ending theme by a Jrock group called Dear, entitled “Song For…”, an energetic rock ballad. I always liked this song from the moment I heard it because it fills me with a sense of yearning, a hunger for something I cannot put a finger on.

The song is also famous as the theme for an inspiring Guilty Gear combo video, entitled simply as “Song For…”, featuring 1 of the most eccentric guilty gear characters Zappa.

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April 8, 2010

Weekly Music Pick: Stand by Me

This week’s music pick is an oldie from the 60s. Entitled “Stand by Me”, the song was written and performed by Ben E. King in 1961, and not John Lennon, as some claim. Originally written for another group, this song almost never made radioplay if not for the fact that King had some studio time leftover from another project.  Its distinctive jazz chord progression is now known as the 50s progression or also, “Stand by Me” chords.

The lyrics of “Stand by Me” employs subtle metaphors to good effect. The first few lines of the song go as follows:

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