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May 31, 2010

Neo’s Wish List

This post essentially lists all my worldly desires that can be bought with money as a link to my Wish List page. Before we begin however, I want to make this clear: do not overspend. For those who know me, I always encourage frugality, and this goes doubly true for gifts.

My wish list of gifts, in no particular order of importance:-

Wheel of Time” series of books by Robert Jordan (All books I prefer in softcover, with cover illustration by Darrell K. Sweet)

  • Eye of the World (Wheel of Time Book 1)
  • The Shadow Rising (Wheel of Time Book 4)
  • Fires of Heaven (Wheel of Time Book 5)
  • Lord of Chaos (Wheel of Time Book 6)
  • Crossroads of Twillight (Wheel of Time Book 10)
  • Knife of Dreams (Wheel of Time Book 11)
  • The Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time Book 12)
  • Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time Book 13)
  • A Memory of Light (Wheel of Time Book 14)

Misc. Objects

  • Large whiteboard (approx. 130cm length by 70cm height)
  • Custom waist-hip pouch (I have this idea for a waist-hip pouch, but need the materials and knowledge on how to make sports bags)
  • PS/2 Mouse with Scroll Wheel (My previous mouse has spoilt its scroll wheel but works fine otherwise. Loath as I am to replace a perfectly “fine” mouse, not having a scroll wheel is really inconvenient.)


  • A book You are passionate about and willing to discuss intelligently with me after I read the book (I consider the conversation the gift.)
  • Catalog my CD/DVDs (I own a pretty large CD/DVD collection, and my catalog project has fallen so far behind that I despair of ever catching up without help.)
  • A good back and shoulder massage (I hear too many horror stories of terrible masseuses that I will not risk a trip unless it is recommended by a knowledgeable friend.)
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May 31, 2010

Weekly Music Pick: Thief

This week’s pick is a 2000 hit from alternative rock band Our Lady Peace (OLP for short).

OLP is a Canadian based band that was started in 1992. Given their obscurity on this side of the Pacific, I only discovered their unique sound through, predictably, an Anime music video.

(Video removed due to term of use violation.)
For those interested in the video, please refer to

The AMV features their 2000 hit “Thief” with animation from the sci-fi series Vandread: The 2nd Stage. The lyrics of the song talks about the agony of witnessing a person suffering through a chronic illness, particularly fitting since the scenes in the AMV come from the episode of Vandread that revolves around a chronically ill child.

The  part that resounds most with  me comes from the refrain, which I will quote below:

It’s a long, long getaway; it’s a long, long getaway.
Make it home again, make it home again.
It’s a long, long getaway; it’s a long, long getaway.

Truly gives the feeling of how “epic-ly” long the journey to recovery can be, and the hope and wishes for those who stay by the side of the patient.

Wikipedia Article
Our Lady Peace – Thief Lyrics

May 25, 2010

Weekly Music Pick – Sting & Emmanuel

From the PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) special, “Chris Botti in Boston”, which is a series of very jazzy covers of songs both obscure and famous. A cover (?) of the Sting classic, Shape of my Heart. Considering Sting was singing as well, it’s iffy if the performance can be considered a cover or a re-worked version. Here’s another “cover” of another Sting classic: “If I ever lose my Faith in You”.

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May 17, 2010

Weekly Music Pick – Rehearsal

From the award winning manga-turned-anime Cross Game, the fourth ED, “Rehearsal” by Natsuko Kondo. I highly, highly recommend the anime.

Taken from Wikipedia:

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May 14, 2010

Weekly Mus… Scratch that. Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa Powa!

I couldn’t do up a weekly music pick this week because I spent too much time laughing and rewatching this clip.

Old Spice Odor Blocking Bodywash is so powerful it can block odors for 16 hours! OMGWTFBBQ!!one!eleven!!


May 5, 2010

Weekly Music Pick: Yui’s Solo Guitar Riff (K-On!!)

Late by a week and a half at least…. but better late than never.

This week’s weekly music pick comes from the latest season of K-On, simply titled K-On!! (note the extra exclamation mark). It comes from the opening minutes of the 1st episode, when Yui begins to practise her guitar strumming skills – a min and a half of pure bliss.

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