Weekly Music Pick: Yui’s Solo Guitar Riff (K-On!!)

Late by a week and a half at least…. but better late than never.

This week’s weekly music pick comes from the latest season of K-On, simply titled K-On!! (note the extra exclamation mark). It comes from the opening minutes of the 1st episode, when Yui begins to practise her guitar strumming skills – a min and a half of pure bliss.

For those who did not notice (like me), Yui was playing an abridged instrumental version of My Love is a Stapler (私の恋はホッチキス Watashi no Koi ha Hotsukisu). I never did favor the saccharine sweet girl-pop feel of Houkago Tea Time, but this instrumental version won me over within seconds.

Original clip of the video

The mp3 of the ripped song (with extra ending dialogue) can be found on the original youtube page, or you can just click this link to reach the megaupload site. Please note that I do not own the song, nor was the upload done by me (Kudos to maxog1 for the link).

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