Weekly Music Pick – Rehearsal

From the award winning manga-turned-anime Cross Game, the fourth ED, “Rehearsal” by Natsuko Kondo. I highly, highly recommend the anime.

Taken from Wikipedia:

Cross Game is the story of Kō Kitamura and the four neighboring Tsukishima sisters, Ichiyō, Wakaba, Aoba, and Momiji. Wakaba and Kō were born on the same day in the same hospital and are close enough that Wakaba treats Kō as her boyfriend, though nothing is officially declared, while Aoba, one year younger than them, hates how Kō is “taking” her sister away from her. After Wakaba dies, Kō and Aoba slowly grow closer as they strive to fulfill Wakaba’s final dream of seeing them play in the high school baseball championship in Kōshien Stadium.

The full PV (promotional video, the Japanese name for music video) features Natsuko Kondo performing the song on a circular stage with the camera on rails that goes around the stage in an anti-clockwise manner. Small bit of trivia: You can see the rails used for the CU (close-up shots) on the bottom when the camera switches to the long shots. CG is also fairly minimal, with CG piano notes appearing at the opening piano solo, the BCU (big close-up shots) of Natsuko and during the interlude between the guitar solo and the final chorus loop.

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