Weekly Music Pick – Wanderer on the Offensive/The Opened Way

This week’s music pick is not just 1 song, but rather almost 2, namely a remix and its original arrangement. This should cover my earlier absences, due to my overseas trip to the US.

Below is the OC-remixed version, entitled “Wanderer on the Offensive”. The remix re-imagines “The Opened Way” from the Shadow of the Colossus, if the Wanderer was an offspring of Dante the Demon Hunter that is. (Hint:  DMC)

For those unfamiliar with the term “oc-remix,” it stands for OverClocked Remi, which is the term given to remixes produced by what is possibly the largest video-game community dedicated to preserving and paying tribute to video game music by arranging and re-interpreting the songs with new technology and software“. Whew, what a mouthful.

The original arrangement comes from the legendarily epic adventure game “Shadow of the Colossus“, where you portray a would-be Goliath killer who has to slay the 14 Colossi around the world. This is not some run of the mill slayer flick; the individual Colossus are a walking/crawling/flying puzzle to be deciphered. You, as the giant-slayer, must use your wits  to figure out the Colossus’ weak points to slay it with nothing more than a bow and a sword. Monster Hunter has nothing on this PS2 classic of a gem.

The original theme is entitled “The Opened Way”, which plays once you make some headway in your battle against the Colossus, often after you discover the first step to deciphering their weak points.

Original game OST, “The Opened Way”, composed by Kou Ootani

A visual description of the orchestral piece, as imagined by me:

“The Opened Way” begins with a soaring crescendo and is lifted by the combined strings. Overtones of danger, as depicted by the (french?) horns, is then introduced. The strings continue, but the soaring becomes strident as the horns vie with it for supremacy. The drums gain in tempo; you gain the impression of a hero who is hanging on for dear life after his initial victorious momentum is spent. The horns have full sway now, with arpreggios by flutes that highlight the precarious predicament the hero is in, at the mercy of the colossus he is holding onto. The tempo then again reverts to its original beat as the strings play a bold and very martial air before the percussion and second strings play the underlying melody (which incidentally can loop back to the beginning third of the piece for an infinite loop). The 1st strings then come in strongly and the entire orchestra ends with a bold, and abrupt flourish.

This arrangement is performed by the Eminence Symphony Orchestra in its 2006 concert “A Night in Fantasia 2006”.

Eminence Symphony Orchestra Homepage

Kou Ootani’s lising on Imagine Music (Japanese)

One Comment to “Weekly Music Pick – Wanderer on the Offensive/The Opened Way”

  1. Update: The song was so great that it was even used in a floor gymnastics routine.

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