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December 15, 2009

The Truth

The most insidious thought came to me. It is in response to a comment made in the video above.

People go about their entire lives searching for the truth, but what they don’t understand is that there is no truth. There are only opinions. In order for there to be universal truth, everyone would have to share a common opinion. Since there is not one thing that the 7 billion people roaming this planet can share perspective on, there is no truth. Everything we perceive to be true is all a matter of opinion. The only truth we accept is our own.

Then if my truth is not your truth, what common ground can we share, what institutions can we build, to protect those truths? For the truth is a lie; we never truly share the same thoughts, just our opinions of those thoughts.

For two persons to share a common truth, a belief so to speak, one must impose his opinions upon the other. During the process of imposition, the opinion might deviate slightly, but its core should remain constant. In short, the “sharing” of beliefs is but one person’s opinions having supremacy over the other. To scale the event, a people is formed when an opinion begins to hold sway over the majority of persons by one person.

In short, the tyrannical adoption of an individual’s opinion is what defines a people. How ironic.

August 6, 2009

Controversial English

Why so Serious?

Why so Serious?

Today’s post deals with the English language again, in this case controversial quotes. It is an English that delights in playing with the possibilities of language, pushing the boundaries of “acceptable” and tweaking noses left and right. In a world of corrupted correctness, full of guidelines of how to do this and that, people tend to forget that those rules were made up by a bunch of people who would think that slipping on a banana peel is a deadly affront to the whole race of bananas, blondes and Chinks, I mean, people of East Asian descent. These people probably think that fire is an insult to God, medicine a violation of the natural order and push-up bras gross misrepresentation.

Actually, I consider the stomach girdle more of a misrepresentation (distortion of fact)than a  push-up bra (learned falsity), which is after all a prop to support assets in lieu of silicone. They still exist; just not of the right shape and size.

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June 13, 2008

Web 2.0: The Machine is Us/ing Us

Today’s webfind comes from a funky professor of cultural anthropology, i.e. the study of human beings/kind/culture. Web 2.0 has always been bandied around in science fiction circles, either as utopian visions of human transcendence or dystopian nightmares of human slavery to the big evil interweb. With the development of XML, an internet markup language that emphasized function rather than form, a paradigm shift in how content is organized, presented and treated has occurred. This together with increased bandwidth and transmission speeds, has brought the internet to much of the world at a speed unheard of at the turn of the millenium. The fact that we can stream a video online at almost the same speed as watching it on TV has revolutionized the way we learn, play and work and will continue to evolve as humans think up new ways of utilizing and adapting the technology. You can learn how to cook, study from home in a virtual classroom, even learn how to make a bomb through watching step by step tutorials. And that is only the tip of the iceberg.