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March 29, 2010

Weekly Music Pick – 安平追想曲 by Teresa Teng

A classic Hokkien folk song from 1951, sung by the evergreen Teresa Teng. The song title can loosely be translated as Song of Longing, Be in Peace, but the nuances are slightly lost. It describes a wife’s longing for her husband, who went out to sea and has not returned and of the husband’s parents, and the husband’s child/children.

Most people will remember Teresa Teng for her hit “The Moon represents my Heart” (月亮代表我的心), but her repertoire of songs include folk, pop, J-pop and a cover of Tang/Song poems remade into pop songs. Of the covers, 但愿人长久 is the most famous and my favourite. Faye Wong would cover that song in her tribute almost 20 years later.

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June 23, 2008

Left, Left, Left Right Left

No, this is not a variant of the Konami Code.

In a rare fit of nostalgia, I actually recalled my army life (damn, the nightmares are back). There were only 3 things I enjoyed about my army life.

  1. My service with maintenance section/company. Whoever was involved in CMW, I think we all can laugh at those nights when we fix vehicles until the mechanics fall asleep under the tonners with spanners in hand.
  2. ORD.
  3. Army songs.

I have forgotten a lot of the songs or march tunes over the years. I barely can recall more than a line here or there beyond the most basic “left-right-left-right-[Company]-[Platoon]-Warriors” cheer. I actually went to search out songs and boy was I surprised by the sheer amount of material there is online. Then again, I shouldn’t be.

There are more than a million men under arms with the various branches of the military. At least 3 generations of native Singaporeans have already gone through that period of life thanks to the National Service Act passed in 1967. That makes for fertile ground to develop something truly Singaporean, not the drivel that the government is trying to force down the people’s collective throats.

Army Daze the movie featured 1 real marching song. Real as in we really did sing this song for route marches.

SGCafe has a nice active thread collecting marching songs and anthems. You can find the thread here. I am quite convinced that there are a lot more songs out there, so anyone reading this, please help me out by adding more songs to the repertoire.

As with previous posts, I always try to add some multimedia to spice things up a bit. This is another “marching” song I could find on youtube. Enjoy~.