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February 4, 2013

Neolisms: Simple Truths.

A neolism is a new truth. From “Neo” (new) and “-ism” (word ending that indicates action, manner, condition, beliefs or prejudice). Not the same as neologism – but similar in origin.

All neolisms are by yours truly – feel free to use as you see fit, just get the damned name to thank right. Who knows, something I made might become a meme. (Ha! That would be interesting.)

  • Antivirus

Use and be damned; don’t use, and be thrice damned – by the virus you can’t stop, by the virus you can stop, and by the antivirus company for not using their product.

  • When something goes bump in the night

The dead do not speak – and the living know better than to eavesdrop.

  • Truth

When things are in black and white – you are not thinking hard enough.

  • Defeat

Losing sucks – unless it blows.

  • Infinity

Infinity is a lot – until you learn algebra.

  • Baseball humour

The best humor comes from left field. Right field tends to be sleeping till the lefties are at bat.

  • Society

Society is like a boat: Great view above, stuff to keep it moving and working below and bilge at the bottom.

  • Work

Work does not end; but if you don’t work, you will.

  • Nature vs Nurture

Nature forms; Nurture shapes; Adversity forges.

  • Trust

Never trust promises from a forgetful woman – You never know when they might forget.

  • Relationships

Distance… is but a thought away.

  • Racing

If you are behind the last runner – you are either in the wrong race, or you’re trying too hard to win.

March 2, 2010

What’s Up People – Many Parodies

For those who don’t recognize the header, it’s the title of Maximum Hormone’s most famous single, What’s Up People. Used as the second opening for the hit anime Death Note, it’s unique for its apologetically hardcore punk sound, rare in a market overflowing with cutesy rabbit-girl-idols and bubblegum pop. The opening itself is inspired, featuring a psychedelic collage of characters, yet using dystopian film noir shadowing techniques to give that dark gritty feel. No one is innocent, with everyone portrayed in shades of gray.

Original Death Note opening video

The madness began with an innocuous trailer for an AMV contest in 2007, featuring a certain famous yellow animal…

2007 AnimeNext AMV Promo clip

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April 7, 2009

Random Video Game Name Generator

Ever wondered how game designers created those classic names for their games? Ever wondered how the names  Super Mario, Gears of War, Final Fantasy were coined? Now wonder no more, for the top-secret Name Generator has finally been revealed to the unknowing public….. not.

Surfing through the Hongfire forums, I found this little gem. Worth a small chuckle, if nothing else.

Video Game Name Generator Link

Some results from the “clicks”

  • Panzer Rugby Dungeon (Fantasy, sports and WWII – what’s not to like?)
  • Funky Makeout Anthology
  • Indian Typing – 2nd Impact (I have no idea what this is trying to imply)
  • Miniature Metal Mania (actually has a good ring to it, triple alliteration and all)
March 29, 2009

Dr Tran – I’m gonna kill you

Taken from AMV Hell 4. More details at

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January 12, 2009

Mind Games

A forum I frequent recently had an interesting entitled Free your thoughts here!!!:

The mind is the only place where one is truly free. Embrace your power of creation, let your thoughts create words and those words create emotion. When shared with others your thoughts and ideas will outlast your flesh, so don’t hold back. Language is a art form whether your words create anger, happiness, sadness, or inspire is irrelevant so in this topic let your thoughts flow and don’t hold back or worry about offending anyone.

Here’s my “reply”, or rather a parody of a reply.

The mind is the invisible prison, a receptacle for all wayward thoughts, impulses and desires. There are no walls; there is no need for walls. Chains stronger than thought, you are crushed by the embrace of self-recognition. Id desires, ego drives, super-ego demands. When shared with others your thoughts and ideas cease to be your own.  You are judged by things not your own, by rules not your making. Language is the artificial construct of the Other; it limits your anger, happiness, sadness to the constraints of what the Other dictate. Let your hatred flow, your anger, your lust, your envy, your pride. Spare no mercy for others for others do not matter.

And the first thing that popped into my mind when I read the thread was this video.

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September 4, 2008

Web Finds: Robot Chicken

Adult Swim is a cesspool of reruns, dubs that are ear-piercingly awful and the Robot Chicken skits.

Apocalypse Pony

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July 4, 2008

Web Finds: Jackass! aka why you should pick up a copy of Age of Conan

Gah, not spending enough time writing as I should. To soothe the angry gods, let me just offer a couple of vids gleaned from the web. The first vid is about 1 particularly annoying horse trick you can do in Age of Conan. You could call it a one-trick pony….

The next vid is what happens when overworked npcs face their 2035703247957438th quester of the day…

The third, and last vid, is a parody comparison between WoW and AoC (better say that or all the WoW fanboys will pyro my house). It’s pretty cute, but of course they can carve out their niches without stepping on each other’s toes (too much).

That’s all for now, I will do a real post this weekend (hopefully).