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March 24, 2013

Carabiner Hacks

Hack #1: Multiple bag holder

Particularly true when grocery shopping for a family (or just shopping with 1 girlfriend), a carabiner is a force multiplier – allowing 1 hand to grip multiple bags while keeping the other hand free. Courtesy of a random Google+ share (cannot find original link – if you are the owner, please let me know).

Case Picture:
Carabiner Bag Holder

A Carabiner can hold multiple heavy bags comfortably (assuming you have the strength of course)

Hack #2: Bottle holder

Only applies to bottles with an internal through-hand grip (with no lobang). YMMV. This is a common hack for the sporty outdoorsy person with 2 hands and more items to carry than you can shake a stick at. Picture taken from AllExpress e-commerce site.

Case Picture:
Carabiner Bag Holder

Note: If it has a ring/hole, it can clip onto your bag.

Hack #3: Hairband Organizer

For the woman (or simply long-haired), hairbands and ties are a fact of life. So is losing them. Unless you bundle them together with a carabiner. Also makes for a handy baby/pet toy – if you can live with baby drool/teeth marks on your hair ties.

Case Picture:
Carabiner all-in-one Organizer/holder

Other stuff you can organize with the carabiner: clothes hangers, pendants, rings, study cards (requires a much bigger hole though)

Hack #4: (Beer) Bottle Opener

Need to open a bottle? A carabiner makes a ready bottle opener. Perfect for that after-climb drink. Remember: Don’t drink and climb. Courtesy of the CHOW youtube channel.

February 11, 2013

Maou Wars

Maou Wars

Random Star Wars shout-out in my anime. Darth Maou teaches Big Sis Maid Luke that war is like kissing somebody in greeting – you get in close, contact and leave an aftertaste.

On a more serious note, this conversation sums up the human condition – All interaction is innately based in conflict. We crave the new and unknown, but fear the new and unknown when it happens. What happens then? We fight against, or for it. The more fundamental the change, the more people get involved. The wars of kingdoms gave way to the war of nations. The cold war of superpowers is now shaping into a quasi war of new superpower against old superpower. The next war is probably society against society.

February 4, 2013

Neolisms: Simple Truths.

A neolism is a new truth. From “Neo” (new) and “-ism” (word ending that indicates action, manner, condition, beliefs or prejudice). Not the same as neologism – but similar in origin.

All neolisms are by yours truly – feel free to use as you see fit, just get the damned name to thank right. Who knows, something I made might become a meme. (Ha! That would be interesting.)

  • Antivirus

Use and be damned; don’t use, and be thrice damned – by the virus you can’t stop, by the virus you can stop, and by the antivirus company for not using their product.

  • When something goes bump in the night

The dead do not speak – and the living know better than to eavesdrop.

  • Truth

When things are in black and white – you are not thinking hard enough.

  • Defeat

Losing sucks – unless it blows.

  • Infinity

Infinity is a lot – until you learn algebra.

  • Baseball humour

The best humor comes from left field. Right field tends to be sleeping till the lefties are at bat.

  • Society

Society is like a boat: Great view above, stuff to keep it moving and working below and bilge at the bottom.

  • Work

Work does not end; but if you don’t work, you will.

  • Nature vs Nurture

Nature forms; Nurture shapes; Adversity forges.

  • Trust

Never trust promises from a forgetful woman – You never know when they might forget.

  • Relationships

Distance… is but a thought away.

  • Racing

If you are behind the last runner – you are either in the wrong race, or you’re trying too hard to win.

January 14, 2013

Scream Sweden – “Flash Crowds exist outside my Window!”

Scream Sweden liveleaks link as found by me.

Random link found on a typical Monday morning. I wonder what led this enterprising individual to make this remarkable discovery – I mean this came so far out of left field it ended up somewhere in centre.

If you listen closely it might even sound musical, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were sudde… you get the picture.

Update: For those curious, this Reddit thread explains the origins of the screaming culture. Apparently it’s a tradition for students in the Flogsta area of Uppsala to carry on the scream. If I had to hazard a guess, it probably started like all good “bad” traditions do, by accident. Then collective stupidity being fun when shared, it spread. And continues to this day, helped along by the fact that it’s fun, is relevant to a need and a great way to bond with others – a classic example of tribe culture in play.

Even those slightly beyond shouting distance.

March 16, 2010

The 3 Do’s

Just noting down a random thought I had today.

In life, we often hear about wanting to be not just good, but Great, with the capital G. It is not so much the enormity of what we are or what we do that makes us Great, but rather the pride in who we are and what we do that defines it, but I digress. The key point of this post are 3 Do’s that any person who wishes to be Great should aspire to. Without further ado, they are listed below:

  • 動機(どうき): pronounced dou-ki;  motive; incentive; motif.
  • 度胸(どきょう): pronounced do-kyou; courage; bravery; pluck; nerve; grit; guts.
  • 努力(どりょく): pronounced do-ryo-ku;  great effort; exertion; endeavour; endeavor; effort;

So together we pronounce it as Douki, Dokyou, Doryoku. Feel free to punch your fist in the air as you yell it at the top of your lungs.

動機, literally motive, is the impetus for any action, i.e. wish/desire, direction, raison d’etre. Without a wish to change something, things will remain as they are, something any physics student with an understanding of Newton’s First Law should understand intrinsically.

度胸 is all about guts and the grit to see something through to the very end. Nothing is more disheartening than an incomplete bit of work weighing upon your soul, and nothing more heartening than to see the fruit of your labors come to life in front of you. Remember the reward at the end, and somehow you will persevere.

努力 is plain and simple: Hard work. You want something done, go and do it. No matter how easy, no matter how tough. Even if it is just 1 step, so long it is in the right direction, it is a good step. Remember Nike: Just Do It.

December 15, 2009

The Truth

The most insidious thought came to me. It is in response to a comment made in the video above.

People go about their entire lives searching for the truth, but what they don’t understand is that there is no truth. There are only opinions. In order for there to be universal truth, everyone would have to share a common opinion. Since there is not one thing that the 7 billion people roaming this planet can share perspective on, there is no truth. Everything we perceive to be true is all a matter of opinion. The only truth we accept is our own.

Then if my truth is not your truth, what common ground can we share, what institutions can we build, to protect those truths? For the truth is a lie; we never truly share the same thoughts, just our opinions of those thoughts.

For two persons to share a common truth, a belief so to speak, one must impose his opinions upon the other. During the process of imposition, the opinion might deviate slightly, but its core should remain constant. In short, the “sharing” of beliefs is but one person’s opinions having supremacy over the other. To scale the event, a people is formed when an opinion begins to hold sway over the majority of persons by one person.

In short, the tyrannical adoption of an individual’s opinion is what defines a people. How ironic.