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June 9, 2008


6.18am. My eyes actually opened before the alarm rang. The reason became painfully obvious really quickly: i was running a temperature. So there you have it, NED is down for the count on a lovely Monday. Even the weather is lovely… grrrrr. Given the “free” time, i decided to get some writing down, so i finally updated this blog with a personal post.

Here’s a new anime that’s gone below the radar of most people. Candy Boy is a short web anime released by Anime International Company (AIC) in Nov 2007. The name of the anime is something of a misnomer. There are no boys in the anime, being about the lives of 2 very dissimilar twin sisters and the tension caused by the feelings of 1 freshman towards the younger of the twins. The title is taken from the single by Meilin, a Korean artist, whose cd is packaged with the DVD release. Meilin’s music also graces the anime at various points.

As of May 2008, AIC started a new run of 7 episodes, each 14 min long.

Candy Boy Wikipedia entry
Candy Boy Japanese Site Has links to nico douga for each episode as they are released. Extremely high quality.
Froth Bite homepage The only english fansub group that is working on this anime