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May 25, 2009

The Gift

A beautiful song. Though I dislike the original version by the Flaming Lips, this acoustic version carries a “purer” feel, drawing more attention to the lyrics. Note: Song is at the end, after the lyrics. Set to clips from the 2008 anime series ef – A tale of melodies -, done by Jasper;isis from Allegretto Productions.

Do you realize – that you have the most beautiful face
Do you realize – we’re floating in space –
Do you realize – that happiness makes you cry
Do you realize – that everyone you know someday will die

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June 15, 2008

What’s so great about Code Geass?

If you watch anime, you probably will not just know Code Geass, you will love or hate it to the core of your being.

I fall into the “L-O-V-E” camp. Here’s a brief recap of the first season (also known as R1).


The story begins at the end of the Brittannian conquest of Japan. 2 young boys, childhood friends, are each harboring deep thoughts. Suzaku, the son of the last Japanese prime minster, and Lelouch, an abandoned Brittannian prince, are contemplating their future within the new world order. it is at this point that Lelouch declares:

“I will destroy Brittannia!”

Fast forward to the present.

Lelouch Lamperouge is the charismatic, proud genius, a man so great he is a giant among men. On top of that, in a twist of fate he obtains the power to compel any person who he makes eye contact with to follow 1 order, regardless of the victim’s original intent. With those 2 powers, he gathers an army to oppose the powerful Brittannian Empire. It is ironic, for the Emperor is none other than Lelouch’s father. After scoring several victories over the occupational forces, each time removing rivals as well as consolidating his own influence, Lelouch is on track to achieve his goal of a Japan independent of Brittannia’s, and his father’s, influence so that Nunnally can enjoy a peaceful life outside of Brittannian intrigue.

Then along came the greatest irregularity into his plans, the Princess Euphmeria. Her idealism and association with Suzaku, who has signed on with the Brittannian army, has led her to declare the formation of an autonomous region within Japan, a state for the japanese. This declaration has not only fueled pro-Brittannian sentiment, but also robbed Lelouch’s rebellion of much of his impetus. It appears that a rosy ending is in sight for both Japanese and Brittannian alike.

But in the most ironic of twists, Lelouch’s power became his curse in the final hour, when he accidentally twisted Princess Euphmeria’s will, creating the 1 incident that drove the biggest wedge between both peoples, and nailing the final nail on the coffin of peace…

———–==END SPOILERS==———–

Code Geass is great not just due to mecha action, nor is it great because of the loads of sexual innuendos and fanservice (hell there’s enough material to make a Parody Harem trailer. Sure, it’s all those things, but It is truly great because it is a powerful tragedy. Lelouch is not a stereotypical shallow character. His genius, drive and power are highly alluring, and he presents a very human face on the struggle for independence. His cruelty and strive to reach his ends by any means necessary, repel and attract both at the same time. It is a joy to see how he struggles on his bramble-strewn path towards his ideals, yet you can’t help but sadistically wonder what capricious twist of fate will befall him.

The anime’s greatness lies in its duality, either in character designs (Suzaku vs Lelouch), persona (Lelouch Lamperouge vs Zero), or morality (fight for independence vs pure terrorism), the list goes on. The biggest duality is also its biggest irony: the means that brought Lelouch up from a nobody to a famed/infamous leader of an independence movement and a position of power for him to achieve his greatest desire can also see him through a logical progression of steps to arrive at the madly logical betrayal of that self-same greatest desire… the destruction of the peace he so desperately strove for.