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June 11, 2008

Good (Bad) Translations

Today’s net find is on translations so horrible, it’s good.

Taken from TV Tropes:
Whether it be due to Executive Meddling, bad translators, or just being a rush job, there are bad translations at times. Either the wording is funky, the grammar is off, or they just flubbed the line.

However, it proves so popular with the fans (either due to being unintentionally hilarious or Memetic Mutation) that not only do they not go back to correct it partway through the run, but reprints and sequels will keep the mistranslation in because the fans want it.

One of the most famous, if not the most famous would be “All Your Base are Belong to Us”. It even got its own song and music video.

Other examples include

  • Final Fantasy
  • Super Metroid (the Varia Suit was originally meant to be [i]Barrier[/i] Suit)
  • Fighting games (Super Annihilation Punch and VICTOLY! come to mind)

And then there’s Phoenix Drive,  a H-doujin based on Pheonix Wright. This vid is barely hints at the rofl-tastic words spouted within…

WARNING: This is NSFW. If you don’t know that that is, it means Not Safe For Work. Click on this link to get a screenshot “walkthrough” of the game.

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